Community Examples & Tutorials

This section is a collection of links to blog articles, forums and tutorial videos that showcase or discuss how the HTTP Shortcuts app can be used in practice.

If you have a link you would like to add here, feel free to reach out to me, or post your guide as a Github discussion.

Pro-tip: If you're considering writing your own tutorial or templates for others to use, check out how to create deep-links for easy importing of shortcuts.

Adding a task to Notion

Language: English Includes full code

Terravolt Integration

Language: English

Shelly Support Forum

Language: German

Create a Share Action for Linkding

Language: English

Web Server Relays – ESP32 + Android App

Language: English

Quick Home Assistant Shortcuts for Android

Language: English

Send a LINE message via HTTP Shortcuts

Language: Japanese

This page is explaining about how to send a message to LINE app with just one-tap via HTTP Shortcuts. LINE app is very popular and a common tool in Japan. Almost 80-90 percent of Android/iOS users are using it.

HTTP Request Shortcuts and Door phone with API

Language: French / English

HTTP Request Shortcuts w BLYNK

Language: Polish

HTTP Shortcuts / TASMOTA

Language: English

Sonoff e Altro con HTTPShortcuts

Language: Italian