Support this App

Thank you for using my app. It is developed by me, a Swiss guy named Roland, entirely in my free time.

If you want to show your support and help me improve the app, here's some things you can consider:

Buy me a Drink

The app is completely free to download and use. It contains no ads and I want to keep it that way. You won't ever have to pay for this app, but if you want to you can donate to the project. You won't get any premium features, just my honest thanks and appreciation.

Test & Report

Apart from crash logs, I'm not collecting any usage data, and as such have very little insight into how people are using my app. That also makes it difficult to learn about potential problems and bugs. You can help me by reporting any bugs or other problems you encounter with the app, or you can go the extra step and become a Beta Tester to get early access to new releases.

You can report bugs via the "Contact Developer" feature inside the app or by opening an issue on Github.


If you're a developer and have an idea for a new feature or want to fix a bug, feel free to open a pull request to the project on Github.


You may also help by translating the app into your language, or by improving existing translations, e.g. by fixing typos.

You can join the translation project here: HTTP Shortcuts on


And of course, you can also support the app by leaving a positive review on the Play Store.

Spread the Word

If you find the app useful, consider writing about it. Whether it's in a technical blog where you showcase what you use it for, a Youtube tutorial where you explain how to use it, or just recommending the app on a Reddit thread or forum, anything is welcome. Let me know about it and I'll feature a link to it on the Guides page.